Designing your new home, office or any other area is a daunting task. Depending on your requirement, expectations, budget, and area of construction, the arrangements can vary. However, having good flooring is one common aspect among all requirements. This blog is your ultimate guide to select tiles and suitable flooring and wall for your next big purchase.

Things to consider while selecting tiles for floor and wall

From the quality of finish to the durability of the material, there are multiple options available for the customers to select the right kind of ceramic tile. Here are some of the top considerations while finding the most suitable option.

1. What are the different types of tiles?

When it comes to deciding the type of ceramic tiles, there are multiple options available to the customers. Such as:

Ceramic Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles

  • The ceramic tiles are a budget-friendly option for houses. They are more suitable when you are not putting any heavy weight on the area.
  • Since these tiles are more prone to chipping and cracking, it is recommended to select them for your house and not for a workplace where you deal with many people coming in and going out.

Porcelain Tiles for floor and wall

  • The porcelain tiles are scratch and stain-resistant. They are also much stronger in comparison with the ceramic tiles.
  • Their durability if not used properly is a concern. But, it provides a good finish and comes in amazing palettes and designs.

Apart from the options listed above, there are also options such as marble, sandstone or limestone finish for flooring.

2. Selecting the right size tile

Selecting the right size tile is extremely necessary to reduce the wastage of material. First of all, calculate the size of your room. Large size tiles are more suitable for spacious areas like your living room or bedroom.

While comparatively smaller areas like the kitchen and bathroom can easily fit in through the small tiles. The size of the tile also decides the available design options, so it is necessary to pay huge attention to this.

3. Choosing the ideal tile finish

Deciding on the correct finish of the tile is one main aspect to consider for safety and a vibrant look. While the glossy tiles are good for living rooms, bedrooms, etc. They shouldn’t be used in places such as Kitchen or bathroom.

While they reflect light and appear shinier. Their tendency is to get slippery if water is poured on them. For kitchens and bathrooms, tiles with a matte finish are a good option. They are slip-resistant and do not show off any dirt or stains easily.

4. Finding the suitable design and pattern

With the recent advancements in the tiles manufacturing industry, there are a variety of options available when it comes to deciding the design or pattern of the tiles. You can also opt for natural-looking materials in the tile’s design. Besides that, some customers also opt for mixing two different tiles for creating a unique pattern.

5. Fitting in the budget

While deciding the budget of the tiles and flooring option, there are a lot of factors to consider. First of all, calculate the area of your house. Based on the total area, add 10% of tiles for the wastage allowance.

You may also want to separate out different areas with different types of tiles for comfort.

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