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Company Profile

Livolla Granito defines Large, Luxurious, and Lavish

We are the pride of Morbi City – Gujarat [India] since 2017. You can undoubtedly make your imagination of elegant and luxurious life meet the reality with Livolla Granito.

Why? You ask. Because, we believe that a beautiful wall & gorgeous floor are truly the ones that melts anybody entering the abode!

We are the best in class Glazed Vitrified Tiles and Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles manufacturer, which is also known as Large Format Slab Tiles. Yes! We design skilfully and manufacture high quality Large sized Lavish slab tiles to make your home look truly Luxurious.

We have dedicatedly built this organization to stand out in the world of ceramics-tiles industry. Our one and only aim is to elevate the ambience by clubbing the innovation and quality.

From wall to floor, we have never set the limitation in size nor in designs.

So, welcome to the world where the ambience meets elegance!

Large – The Real Power of Ownership

Our Large Format Slab Tiles

Big is beautiful, but large is always gorgeous, dominating, and intimidating.
To justify that, the Slab Tiles we manufacture are of the following sizes:
600 mm x 1200 mm
800 mm x 1600 mm
1200 mm x 1800 mm
Trust us, these massive sizes are going to aid the affluent cynosure of style to appreciate the grandeur of these granites.

Luxurious – Step on the Gloss

Our Luxurious Surface

Promoting best in the class living standards, Livolla Granito, encourages its customers to experience the beauty of luxury in our slabs. Shine your space with our Glossy, High Glossy, and Super High Glossy vitrified tiles.

Lavish – One Word. Extravaganza!

Our Lavish Surface

Truly rich, majestic and marvellous slabs that define the lavishness of its creation. Designed by our team of expert creators, these slabs are just awesome and will make any room look magnificent.